Our creative style is aimed at generating real feelings, encouraging real behavior – resulting in real business growth.



Branding is more than creating a logo. It is your identity. It is your voice. And, in today's world, it is also how people feel when they think about your organization.

Our expertise is engaging audiences in a purposeful way through storytelling and eye-catching graphics, to build meaningful bonds between your brand, your company, your employees, and your customers – resulting in real business growth.

We bring concept and storytelling together, skillfully ...

Our Work

At RealCreative Solutions we specialize in assisting you with discovering your brand’s unique positioning attributes, spark new thinking, and make it easier for customers to recognize the benefits of doing business with you.



We've developed a wide range of services to help you build a recognizable and compelling story for your company.


“Dyan Trent was the best speaker with the most useful information at the Annual Quorum Health Resources Marketing/PR Networking Forum. It was of great value to other Quorum-managed hospitals to have the benefit of Dyan's expertise.”


—  Susan H., Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications

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About Us

I am Dyan Trent and I lead a team of results-driven specialists with more than a century of combined experience developing strategic and creative solutions for clients like you. We are Ohio-based professionals with both regional and national experience.

We believe the purpose of any marketing or brand story is to get more prospects to use a product or service. Our approach is designed to create real feeling, inspire real behavior and ultimately foster long-term engagement, devotion and advocacy, to drive real business growth.

Our goal is to continue finding ways to better serve our clients, from smaller stand-alone organizations to larger, more complex systems, and to grow our team with passionate marketing and creative experts.


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