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About Us

I am Dyan Trent, the Founder & CEO of Real Creative Solutions and Special Teez Pleez. I have been in the Marketing and Creative Services industry for over three decades – and WOW! Does time fly!

I lead a team of results-driven specialists with more than a century of combined experience developing strategic and creative solutions for clients like you. We are Ohio-based professionals with both regional and national experience.


I love helping organizations design their brands and then propel brand visibility, corporate growth strategies, digital business, and high-level marketing initiatives to stimulate revenue growth. My out-of-the-box approach creates real feelings, inspires real behavior, and ultimately fosters long-term engagement, devotion, and advocacy to drive real business growth.

Before starting Special Teez Pleez, I was an executive in Healthcare Marketing. I also have experience working with Senior Living Communities (CCRCs), Home Health & Hospice, Ohio-based advertising agencies, regional technology resellers, law firms, and national food brands. I enjoy working with large and small companies in for-profit and not-for-profit industries.

Don't hesitate to contact me if your company could use a "refresh" or if you are having issues being seen on the social scene.


About Us


I thoroughly enjoy helping others learn the "here and now" in marketing. I have also enjoyed giving presentations to local chambers and a variety of organizations. If your company needs a speaker, please call me and let's chat about how I can assist you and your organization!

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The Face of the Brand
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